Witness Statement Letter


When an incident first occurs, it stands out vibrantly in the mind of the observer. As time goes on, it becomes harder to memorize exact details no matter how memorable those details primarily seemed to be. Studies have revealed that it takes only a few seconds for a person to forget 20% of an original memory. Knowledge leaves the short-term memory quickly, making it harder for your witnesses to remember everything properly as more time goes on. The best way to protect the information that they hold is to write a witness statement letter as soon as possible. Not only does having the statement in writing help you, but it also serves as a memory cue helping your witness correctly remember events after a long period of time has passed. If you have obtained witness statements, or are having trouble getting in progress, the best thing you can do is talk about your options with a professional. The experts at Judgment Acquisitions are here when you need us. Our legal team is ready to discuss the details of your claim and help you decide how best to continue. We can also make sure that your witness statements letter are used to their full benefit to help you achieve the legal outcome that you wish. To know more contact us today!

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